Venezuela Jumps on Board

Carrera Sports International, dedicated to producing professional grade baseball bats for professionals and amateurs, has signed a deal with Venezuela sports company, Columbus Sport 99, to produce 4,000 youth aluminum Carrera bats and 192,000 baseballs for the international company.

PHOTO CAPTION: Jorge Albert Hernandez, age 11 from the Criollitos of Venezuela youth baseball team.

Columbus 99 in Venezuela recently received their first order of custom-designed Youth Bats from Carrera Sports. Created by the award-winning designers in the Carrera Sports design department, these youth aluminum bats are ultra-high quality both in the eye, and in the hand.

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FORT MYERS, Fla. (Oct. 8, 2012) – Fort Myers-based Carrera Sports International, dedicated to producing professional grade baseball bats for professionals and amateurs, has signed a deal with Venezuela sports company, Columbus Sport 99, to produce 4,000 youth aluminum Carrera bats and 16,000 dozen baseballs for the international company.

Robert Coello, relief pitcher for Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays, launched the companyearlier this year with his sister and long-time Ft. Myers resident, Barbara Rodriguez, who serves as Chief Executive Officer at the company’s Lee County headquarters.

The production agreement resulted from Carrera representatives attending the Isla de Margarita 2012 World Series Youth Category in Venezuela in August. Columbus Sport 99 President Jorge Hernandez’s 11-year-old son plays for the Criollitos of Venezuela, a team equivalent to the U.S. Little League. This was also the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Criollitos de Venezuela Organization.

As per the agreement, Columbus Sport 99 will be the exclusive distributor of Carrera Sports International products in Venezuela for the next three years.

The first shipment of 16,000 dozen baseballs and 4,000 youth and BBCOR bats is expected to arrive in Venezuela in January 2013.

All Carrera products are made and approved by professional players. A number of minor league players have been using Carrera’s products during the 2012 Spring Training season. In addition, collegiate players on the Colby College Mules baseball team in Waterville, Maine are using Carrera’s products.

“Our Carrera training bats are catching on like fire with major league batting coaches who are using youth bats to train and practice,” said Coello.

The Toronto Blue Jays, the Cleveland Indians and other teams are now purchasing the Carrera training bats.

“Carrera bats are in batting cages at all levels of play,” said Rodriguez. “Our products are made for anyone who is serious about their game, from high school players to professionals, and we are dedicated to delivering the same quality products used by professionals around the globe. If a professional can use a great quality product, so can anyone at any level.”

The company currently produces nineteen versions of bats ranging from BBCOR, custom handcrafted Pro Status Wood and Youth Wood and Fungo baseball bats priced from $35 to $289.

The BBCOR bats are available in 32” or 33” sizes and feature a one-piece scandium alloy extruded shell, an energy retention system and a textin end cap. These bats have the highest scandium/aluminum percentage in the industry, as well as the longest barrel and hardest finish.

According to Rodriguez, the thinner handle and grip allows for a “whip like effect” that increases player bat speed and ball exit speed.

Carrera’s BBCOR baseball bats are approved for play in the NCAA and high schools.

Carrera’s Pro Status wood bats are available from 32” to 34” and feature custom maple or ash wood species, weight, barrel color and engraving.  Depending upon the version, the knobs, barrels and handles range from small, thin, flared, conventional, medium, large or thick.

Carrera uses only high-density maple billets, responsibly cut from the forests of the northern Appalachian region on into Canada. The colder climate of these regions allows the trees to grow at higher densities, which eventually provide a stronger bat. All of the bats are handcrafted in New York by professional woodcrafters that have over 100 years of combined experience.

Carrera is also able to handcraft custom bats based to specifications.

“All of our wood bats are made in the United States,” said Rodriguez. “They are also ink dot tested to guarantee the finest professional grade wood and allow for great balance, unbelievable pop and great results.”

Coello conceived the idea for Carrera Sports after years of experiencing multiple manufacturers’ products.

“I wanted to give the players of tomorrow a way to experience and train with professional products today at a reasonable price,” he said.

Originally from Cuba, Coello’s family moved to Winter Haven, Florida before he was born. He attended Lake Region High School in Eagle Lake, Florida and Northwest Florida State College before being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in the 20th round of the 2004 MLB draft. After playing for Edmonton of the independent Golden Baseball League in 2008, he signed with the Red Sox organization for the 2009 season. Coello made his major league debut September 2010 with Boston and had a 4.76 ERA in six relief outings. On December 9, 2011, Coello signed a major league contract with the Toronto Blue Jays.

The owners chose the name Carrera due to its Spanish translation, which means “runs scored”.


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