• Carrera Sports® products are developed by pushing the limits of technology, and creating new, innovative ways to improve current standards. The new Carrera Sports® new 2013 BBCOR “PRIME”® bats are  powered by BALANCETECH®, a proprietary technology – and have been called “the most balanced bats in the industry” by some of the pro’s that have tested them.


  • Carrera Sports® bats are the highest quality available – PERIOD. “Owned by Pros, Used by Pros”® is more than our mantra. It’s why we design and build our bats out of the very same material and standars used by every professional ballplayer. Our fierce dedication to putting out quality is unmatched in the industry. We proudly stand behind every single bat we make.


  • Carrera Sports® is not some giant faceless factory, pumping out countless bats. Instead, Carrera Sports® is family-owned, and  prides itself on having a friendly voice on the other end of the line. If you need something, we’re here for you. Contact us. We’re people, just like you – and we understand everyone’s needs and circumstances are different. We measure success by the relationships we build, not just by a bottom line.


  • Carrera Sports® not only creates quality products, but also pushes the envelope with design, as well. When you use a Carrera Sports® bat, you know you’ll be using one of the best performing and looking bats in the industry!
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